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On Friday, the last “free day” before the start of the match, I just wanted to take a look in the press room after breakfast, pick up some badges and check the situation in the playing hall.  And I definitely had to go to the gym. That was the plan.

However, when I arrived at the press room, I was asked by a number of journalists if I could do an “exclusive interview” for their newspapers. I accepted, not expecting that the rest of the day would be filled, doing interviews for a number of newspapers and I even did a TV interview for ESPN Star Sports. Here are a few links.

Times of India:

Indian Express:

At around 18:00 I received an email from the Indian Express with the request to write an article for their newspaper about the last day before the match. “How does Anand spend his last day before the first game, what does he eat, when does he sleep, etc. Oh by the way, you should be ready in an hour, because we have a deadline. And send a picture, too.” Did I say it was meant to be published on the front page tomorrow? Thank you.

So I went up to my room, had a quick talk with Anand, Aruna and the seconds and started writing. It is certainly not a perfect article, but I think it is ok. And the picture is nice.


You can read the whole piece online: click here.


A Twitter guide to the world championship

In his very entertaining article “The Couch Potato’s Guide to Anand- Carlsen World Champs”, Grandmaster Ian Rogers notes that “the real development for text commentary in 2013 is likely to be via live blogging and tweeting. Finding the right person to follow  may be a matter of luck“.

Why not reduce the factor “luck”, with a little bit of help?  In this article  I will give you a number of essential Twitter accounts you should follow during the world championship.

Even if you are an unregistredTwitter user, it is still possible to read tweets, but only twitter-bird-light-bgsregistered users can create “tweets”, which are text messages limited to 140 characters. You can read the messages on your computer or a mobile device. In 2012, Twitter had around 500 million registered users, who posted 340 million tweets …per day! Twitter is now one of the ten most visited websites. On a website like Twitaholic or TwitterCounter you can check who has the most followers on Twitter: Katy Perry with more than 46 million followers is on number 1. I do not want to mention number 2 and 3, number 4 on the list ist US president Barack Obama with nearly 40 million followers.

Even if you are a luddite, it is not a bad idea to use Twitter. Personally I like the fact that you often find links to websites and articles that you never heard of before.

If we compare the more than 46 million @KatyPerry followers to the barely 32.000 @MagnusCarlsen followers , placing him at at 28.000 in the world, it is obvious that chess is still somewhere far away in the shadow of Twitterworld.  The 22-year old Norwegian has more followers than his opponent though, @Vishy64TheKing, with nearly 19.000 followers. You can also add @Wish4Vishy , the cheering account for Anand, initiated by his sponsor NIIT. Of course you must add  the official Twitter account of the world championship @FWCM2013 to your watchlist. You should also add the accounts of the commentators @SusanPolgar, @Rameshchess, @TaniaSachdev and @LawrenceTrentIM. And do not forget to add @Agdesteinthe account of Espen Agdestein, manager for Magnus Carlsen.

Anastasiya Karlovich

Anastasiya Karlovich


The press conferences after the game will be moderated by  Anastasiya Karlovich, who started tweeting just days before the match started: @NastiaKarlovich




I don’t know if it is a good idea to follow @Fidepresident, because Kirsan Ilyumzhinov only tweeted once on this account, but he is more active on @Ilyumzhinov (Russian only!). His assistant, @bbalgabaev Berik Balgabaev tweets in Russian and English.

The Chess Magazine B& W from India has an account with more than 36.000 followers,  an essential source of information: @bandwindia. Two good sources for chess news from India to follow are the accounts of journalists Venkat Saravanan @reachvsara and Rakeesh Natraj @rakeeshnatraj. Another online chess magazine to follow is @ChessVibes, one of the most popular chess websites in the world. Editor Peter Doggers will be in Chennai during the match and he will write daily reports. Another Dutchie in Chennai is Lennart Ootes. Expect interesting posts and pictures on @LennartOotes. @ChessBase  is the official ChessBase Twitter channel, and they will be providing updates on the progress of the games, updates on news, and even pictures. Please do add @LeontxoGarcia to the watchlist, the well-know Spanish journalist and organizer will provide tweets in Spanish.


A lot of chess players have a Twitter account. Some interesting accounts to follow during the match are: @NigelShortchess, @Kasparov63 (more than 45.000 followers) and his “aide-de-camp” Mig Greengard @ChessNinja, @AnishGiri, @Polborta (Peter Svidler), @HariChess (Harikrishna), and @TelegraphChess (Malcolm Pein). Other important Twitter accounts where you get news and links are Mark Crowther @MarkTWIC, John Saunders@JohnChess  and Chess in Translation @ChessinT, which is important to be able to follow essential chess news from Russia. Do not forget to add @gmjlh, the account of “chess fanatic” and Carlsen second Jon Ludvig Hammer.

Jon Ludvig Hammer, playing in TataSteelChess 2011

Jon Ludvig Hammer, playing in TataSteelChess 2011

Of course, there are many more grandmasters on Twitter, and you can find an excellent list on tweeting grandmasters on the website of the lovely grandmaster and model Natalia Pogonina. Of course you should add her account to your list as well: @Pogonina. She has more than 100.000 followers and with over 10.000 tweets, she is one the most active chessplayers on Twitter.


If you want to get news from Norway, you actually only need to add one account to the watchlist: @TarjeiJS, the account of Tarjei J. Svensen,  a chess reporter from Norway, who will be in Chennai in November. The guy seems to have a lot of insider’s information from the Carlsen camp! He tweets a lot (more than 7200 tweets so far) and gives several links to Norwegian reports on Carlsen. Another interesting twitter account to add is @NRKsjakk, the offial Twitter account for the match from NRK Sports.  Please do watch the account of Norwegian GM Jonathan Tisdall @GMjtis.

Last but not least: add @ChessClassic to your list!

If you have other “must-follow” Twitter accounts, send me a message! I will be happy to update this post with your suggestions.