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@Chennai or @ Home? It will be really hard to miss a game or do not read reports about the match! Here is an incomplete overview of websites and chess servers covering the match live with commentary by renowned and international experts.


You will be able to follow the match on-site in Chennai of course, but the number of seats for spectators is limited. It will be even harder for the media to get a seat. More than 500 journalists applied for a press accreditation, according to the press officer Arvind Aaron, but since there are only around 100 seats in the press room, it will be interesting ( to say the least) how the organizers will handle this avalanche of attention from the national and international media.

A relatively crowded press room in Moscow 2012. You may spot some familiar faces.


Klaus Bischoff

If you prefer to stay at home to watch the “First Match of the Century” as an armchair grandmaster, there are many sites you can go to. Most chess players do know the big chess news sites and servers and certainly play online as well.  ChessBase will cover the event on the website and on their own Playchess server in various languages. If you can understand German, I would recommend to listen to the comments of German Champion GM Klaus Bischoff. He will analyze 10 out of 12  games.


Daniel King

In English, there are various experienced commentators on ChessBase who will the follow games:  Yasser Seirawan,  Daniel King and Maurice Ashley to name just a few. Leontxo Garcia will do the commentary in Spanish, top grandmasters Maxime Vachier-Lagrave and Christian Bauer will comment the games in French. Note: the commentary will begin 30 minutes after the start of the games! You can find a schedule on the ChessBase website.



Leontxo Garcia analyzing with Anand and Carlsen after their game in Bilbao 2012.


Lawrence Trent

On the official match website, you can follow the games live with computer analyses, but you can also listen to the commentary duo GM Susan Polgar and IM Lawrence Trent. Spoiler alert: be prepared to hear the catchwords “wow” and “incredible” at least 50 times during the game. There is no information (yet) if any grandmasters from India will do commentary on the website.


On the non-official website you can find an article about “top seven commentators you would like to see at Anand-Carlsen” here.

Susan Polgar

Of the above mentioned commentators, only Lawrence Trent is mentioned in the top 7.  On a recent Facebook poll, in which was asked “Whose commentary you enjoy mostly”, 674 votes were counted. Lawrence Trent won with 164 votes, followed by Nigel Short (142) and Susan Polgar (98).


Personally I miss the name of Sergey Shipov in this list, because he is “arguably the world’s best chess commentator and certainly the master of the difficult art of text commentary”, according to Colin McCourty on his blog Chess in Translation. If you want to read how Shipov works, read this article. This year, Shipov will be doing live video commentary from Moscow for

On the Internet Chess Club you can follow “TheShow of the Century” as the match is announced in English and Spanish.  ICC’s “Dream Team of commentators” includes veterans like Alex Yermolinsky, Joel Benjamin and John Fedorowicz, but there are also a number of one-night-only commentators like Jon Speelman and Mark Crowther.



Tania Sachdev

Tania Sachdev

On ChessDom, the official FIDE media partner for the world championship, you will have a number of interesting commentators: all the action of can be folllowed with computer analysis and commentary by  Aman Hambleton,  Tania Sachdev, and  Vidit Gujrathi.



There is a very entertaining article by Ian Rogers on the UCSF website: “The Couch Potato’s Guide to Anand- Carlsen World Champs” with links and… recipes! Recommended reading, not only because Rogers mentioned this blog in his article. 

Ian Rogers talking to Vishy Anand in Moscow.

Ian Rogers talking to Vishy Anand in Moscow. will offer a wide array of exclusive, comprehensive coverage of the match in Chennai. Live coverage during the games, on-site reporting (Peter Doggers) and, due to the time difference to the US,  an after-game show with GM Ben Finegold and IM Denny Rensch. All the details of the world championship coverage can be found here on


Most Norwegian top chess players will be in Chennai, but back home in Norway, Hans Olav Lahlum will provide commentary for VGTV and VG Nett.  VG = Verdens Gang: “The way of the world” or “The course of the world”  is a Norwegian tabloid newspaper. VG Nett is VG’s news site online.

Lahlum is a celebrity in Norway:  he is a Norwegian historian, crime author, chess player and organizer, and politician. On May 22–23, 2013, he was interviewed by VG for 30 hours, 1 minute and 44 seconds, setting a Guiness World Record for the longest interview ever, beating the previous record with over four hours. Lahlum will be joined by Hans Arild Runde, the man who started the live rating website. Runde wrote the round reports of the first super tournament in Norway for the website Norway Chess earlier this year. 

IM Torstein Bae will comment for Norwegian National TV.

If you have suggestions or know other websites  with live commentary, use the “contact me” page and let me know!