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On Friday, the last “free day” before the start of the match, I just wanted to take a look in the press room after breakfast, pick up some badges and check the situation in the playing hall.  And I definitely had to go to the gym. That was the plan.

However, when I arrived at the press room, I was asked by a number of journalists if I could do an “exclusive interview” for their newspapers. I accepted, not expecting that the rest of the day would be filled, doing interviews for a number of newspapers and I even did a TV interview for ESPN Star Sports. Here are a few links.

Times of India:

Indian Express:

At around 18:00 I received an email from the Indian Express with the request to write an article for their newspaper about the last day before the match. “How does Anand spend his last day before the first game, what does he eat, when does he sleep, etc. Oh by the way, you should be ready in an hour, because we have a deadline. And send a picture, too.” Did I say it was meant to be published on the front page tomorrow? Thank you.

So I went up to my room, had a quick talk with Anand, Aruna and the seconds and started writing. It is certainly not a perfect article, but I think it is ok. And the picture is nice.


You can read the whole piece online: click here.