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Swimming and running for the title

On 16 October, an article was published in the Bad Sodener Zeitung, a weekly newspaper for the citizens (about 22.000) of the small town of Bad Soden. The town is known for its various springs, which contain carbonic acid gas and various iron oxides. The waters are used both internally and externally, and are widely exported. One of the most prominent citizens of this town and spa in Bad Soden is chess world champion Viswanathan Anand and in the weeky newspaper one page was reserved. Since this article is only available in German and the newspaper does not have an online edition, I will give you a brief summary.


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The author describes why Anand decided to buy an apartment in Bad Soden, now more than 10 years ago. His close friend and neighbour Hans-Walter Schmitt, organizer of the famous Chess Classic Tournaments in Frankfurt and Mainz advised him to come to Bad Soden. The town is just a few miles away from Frankurt and its international airport. Schmitt opened a training center in Bad Soden in 2010, the Chess Tigers Training Center and teaches chess in schools.

Physical training

We have seen pictures of Magnus Carlsen on Facebook, in which he shows that he has done some physical training this summer. But Anand has been pretty active as well, says the Bad Sodener Zeitung: “He bought a season ticket for the swimming pool in Bad Soden and swam about 1000 meter per day. He would also run 10 km every day and he has also been spotted on a bicycle in the beautiful hills around Bad Soden. He lost about 6 kilos this summer. Most of the time, though, Anand prepared for the match  in the Chess Tigers Training Center with his seconds.”

His friend, manager and delegation leader in Chennai, Hans-Walter Schmitt is quoted: “This will be his toughest challenge. It is a battle of experience vs. youth”.

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Hans-Walter Schmitt and his neighbour.



Vishy Anand preparing in the Chess Tigers Traing Center