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Best wishes to the players

When you enter the Hyatt Regency in Chennai, you cannot ignore this big whiteboard next to the elevator that takes you to the lobby of the hotel.  Visitors can write down their best wishes for the players.

As you can see, the whiteboard is full of “best wishes” and to give as many people the opportunity to write down something, the board is cleaned every day. In the gallery you can read some of the wishes for the players, mostly in English, but there are some wishes in Norwegian (by the Carlsen sisters?) as well!



I’ll be watchin’ you…

When browsing through the archives, I found two interesting pictures from 2011.

Wijk aan Zee 2011

Tata Steel Chess, Wijk aan Zee 2011

I’ll be watchin’ you…. part 1. Vishy Anand is watching the game Magnus Carlsen-Ian Nepomniachtchi in Wijk aan Zee 2011, a game Carlsen lost! It is rumoured that the 23-year old Russian is working for Carlsen presently. Do you remember who won the 2011 TATA Steel tournament in Wijk aan Zee? It was neither Carlsen (3rd)  nor Anand (2nd) …


Chess Masters Final, Bilbao 2011

I’ll be watchin’ you… part 2. This one was taken in Bilbao, during the “Chess Masters Final” in 2011, round 8. Carlsen won his game against Vallejo Pons, but he lost to the same opponent earlier in the tournament. The game Ivanchuk-Anand ended in a draw. Carlsen won the event 6,5/10, Anand scored 5/10.

I’ll be watchin’ you …part 3.

Every move you make, every step you take
I’ll be watchin’ you

(Every breath you take, The Police)