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This blog will give you inside information about the “First Match of the Century” between world chess champion Vishy Anand from India and his challenger Magnus Carlsen from Norway. You will find tons of information about this match on the official match site and on numerous chess websites. In this blog I will try to give you some insight what’s going on behind the screens of a world chess championship. You will hardly find any chess diagrams here or analyses or anything. I want to show pictures of the match and of people who are involved. Pictures of the opening and closing ceremonies, pictures of the hotel, pictures of Chennai: I hope you will find some stuff here, that is not available on other websites.

Last year I wrote a blog about the world championship in Moscow: Mate in Moscow  Originally I only wanted to post a few pictures every now and then for family and friends back home, but the blog became quite successful in the chess world. So here is another blog! Enjoy!

About the author

Eric van Reem (1967), airliner, located near Frankfurt. Chesswriter and hobby photographer. Vice president of the Chess Tigers. Regular contributor to Schaakmagazine (NL),  Schach Magazin 64 (D) , KARL (D) and other chess magazines like New in Chess. Chief editor of Computerschaak 2001-2010. Press officer Chess Classic Mainz 2001-2010. This is my third world chess championship in the “A”-Team: Sofia 2010, Moscow 2012 and Chennai 2013.

When writing I love to listen to good music: The Beatles , Pink Floyd, Big Country , Nirvana , Rammstein andJoe Bonamassa to name just a few. Fan of Go Ahead Eagles, Eintracht Frankfurt and Green Bay Packers!

Contact: ericvanreem@gmail.com

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